Instinct calls for meat – a new dimension of treats that no dog can resist! Rooted in the philosophy that dogs thrive on a meat-rich diet, like that of their wild ancestors, these new products ensure dogs receive nourishing food that answers their instinctual cravings.

CARNILOVE’s philosophy is rooted in an understanding of dogs’ natural needs, which are tied to their inherent hunting instincts and love for meat. Consequently, all CARNILOVE foods are rich in meat, providing dogs with the quality nourishment they deserve. This year, the brand expands its range of snacks with a new offering: FREEZE-DRIED MEAT TREATS for dogs, featuring a high content of fresh meat. These are crafted using the latest technology—a gentle method of processing fresh meat that retains the natural taste and aroma, as well as the crucial nutrients essential for dogs’ overall health.

Containing over 94% fresh meat, these snackss are molded into semi-soft, coin-sized pieces, delivering a culinary experience that dogs instinctively desire. The advanced freeze-drying technique used ensures the preservation of the meat’s intrinsic flavours, scents, and essential nutrients, resulting in a treat that is not only enticing but also rich in health benefits.

CARNILOVE Freeze-Dried Meat Treats and Food Topper are more than mere treats; they are a natural, wholesome way to motivate and reward, offering dogs a snack that truly reflects their ancestral dietary instincts. This innovative product underscores our dedication to meeting the fundamental dietary needs of dogs, which stem from their natural carnivorous tendencies.

Product Highlights:

  • Supreme Meat Content: Boasting more than 94% fresh meat, these treats are a pure indulgence for meat-loving canines, ensuring a rich and satisfying taste.
  • Innovative Texture: The semi-soft, coin-shaped treats provide a unique and enjoyable eating experience for dogs of all ages.
  • Nutrient-Rich: These easily digestible treats are packed with essential nutrients and energy, making them an ideal reward that fosters both health and happiness.

Catering to individual dietary needs, the treats are available in two specialized lines:

  • Monoprotein: Perfect for dogs with specific dietary restrictions, these single-meat ingredient treats come in delectable Turkey and Lamb flavours.
  • Multiprotein: Designed for adult dogs, these treats combine two meat sources, offering Duck & Chicken for easy digestion, Salmon & Turkey for enhanced coat and skin health, and Turkey & Game for high-energy needs.