Once again, leading European pet food producer VAFO Group participated in one of the global pet industry’s largest trade fairs, Interzoo 2024. This year, we presented visitors with a wide range of new and improved products, such as our popular superpremium pet foods and a special line of vegetarian products sold under the Christopherus brand. Moreover, we unveiled an all-new booth made from sustainable materials, and without a doubt it was the busiest place at the fair. We’re also proud to announce that we’ve recently completed of our acquisition of the German pet food producer Allco Tiernahrung.

Interzoo is one of the largest pet industry trade fairs in the world, attracting visitors and producers from all corners of the globe. VAFO came to Germany with an entirely new booth made of sustainable materials. The topic of sustainability extends well beyond the production of pet food, so we made a special effort to use as many recyclables as possible. For instance, the tables were made from our Brit Care Sustainable packaging, and the construction boards were made from old pallets that would otherwise have been discarded. Not only was our booth one of the largest, but it also had the most traffic for the duration of the fair.  

Special snacks for our four-legged buddies

VAFO came to Interzoo with an expanded selection of vegetarian pet foods, which we produce under the Christopherus brand, offering our customers a unique range of meatless snacks.

There have been many new products launched under our flagship brand Brit Care. Cat owners especially have plenty to choose from, such as Brit Care Cat Soups, offering a nutritious and flavourful composition to please the taste buds of all feline pets. Then there are Brit Care Cat Freeze Dried Treat and Toppers. VAFO is one of the few producers in Europe to specialize in freeze-dried pet foods, allowing us to guarantee not only the quality of the product but also compliance with strict safety and control standards.

And we have good news for our canine companions too courtesy of the popular brand Carnilove, which offers products based on the highest possible meat content. The newest addition to the Carnilove range is Freeze-Dried Raw Snacks, which, just like the Brit Care products, are made in the EU. These new snacks are based on the philosophy that dogs thrive on a meat-rich diet resembling their wild hunting habits, providing balanced nutrition that matches their instinctual appetite.

Much attention was generated by our ever-evolving range of veterinary foods. These dietary products not only meet our high quality standards but are carefully developed in collaboration with renowned veterinarians and experts in the field of veterinary medicine.

Allco acquisition

During the fair, we officially announced completion of our acquisition of the German company Allco Tiernahrung. VAFO Group purchased the remaining stake in the family-run business, which joined the Group in 2017 but has only now become a 100% subsidiary.  

A very successful VAFO Party

Evidence of VAFO Group’s continued growth and increasing popularity among customers can be found in the remarkable number of guests at our traditional end-of-fair VAFO Party. This year, we set a new record with more than 400 friends in attendance, and now we’re looking forward with anticipation to Zoomark 2025 in Bologna, Italy.