VAFO is taking yet another important step towards sustainable operations in the pet food industry. Exactly one month after opening its new dry food factory in Finland, the company has finalized details of cooperation with the transportation firm Kaukokiito, which will be transporting VAFO products in the land of a thousand lakes using renewable diesel. The unique arrangement will lead to a reduction of carbon emissions from transportation of some 63,352 kilograms, a remarkable 87% decrease from the previous year.

Not only is VAFO a leading European producer of pet foods, it’s also a global forerunner in sustainable business practices within the pet industry. Under the guidance of its Finnish subsidiary Prima Pet Premium, VAFO Group is introducing yet another innovation to further promote clean pet food production practices.

As of July 1, all domestic transportation of products will be provided by the company Kaukokiito, which uses a biodiesel produced by Neste called MyDiesel. This sustainable diesel is made from 100% renewable materials, and it reduces exhaust emissions by up to 90% as compared with fossil fuels.

VAFO is thus taking another step towards fulfilling the goals of its sustainability strategy and furthering the idea of GREEN FROM THE START, a fundamental pillar of the new Finnish factory from as early as the design stages. Pet food production is carried out using the most ecofriendly methods. Moreover, solar panels will soon be installed to supply energy for the offices and lighting, and the factory is 100% compatible with biogas, has sophisticated systems for recycling water and heat, and makes maximum use of local suppliers, meaning that up to 80% of all ingredients are obtained from within a 100 km radius. There is also a packaging system that is unique in the pet food industry, as it produces packaging on site using fully recyclable monomaterials supplied on spools. This saves up to 30% of material and reduces capacity demands on transportation. The use of renewable biodiesel is another important step in the advancement of an environmentally friendly pet industry.

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