VAFO Group has completed its acquisition of Pooch & Mutt, one of the UK’s fastest growing pet food companies. The multimillion-euro deal is the culmination of a successful partnership between the two companies, which began in 2020 when VAFO acquired a minority stake in the British company.

VAFO is Pooch & Mutt’s long-term production partner. They took a minority share in Pooch & Mutt in 2020, upped this to 40% in 2022, and have now acquired the final 60%. With VAFO’s financial and production backing, Pooch & Mutt has grown over 400% in the last few years and is on track to turnover £18m in 2023.

Pooch & Mutt’s founder, Guy Blaskey, will stay on at Pooch & Mutt as a CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) as well as continuing his role on the VAFO Group’s management team. The day-to-day running of Pooch & Mutt will be handled by MD Paul Dennison, who has been doing a fantastic job in that role for the last 12 months, along with Pooch & Mutt’s brilliant management team.

Guy Blaskey commented: “We have been part of the VAFO Family for a few years now, and it genuinely does feel like a family. We are all aligned on making great quality products to help pets lead their best lives.

“Unlike many corporate takeovers, this is not an exercise in efficiencies and cost cutting. VAFO has supported our growth over the last few years, during which time we have trebled out staff, quadruped our turnover, and developed a whole host of amazing new products. The success is not just about the Pooch & Mutt brand. As part of the VAFO family, we are the UK representatives for all of their manufacturing capabilities, which are the best and broadest in the European pet food market. We are working with them to supply some of the largest retailers in the country. Later in the year, we have a second brand launching, Planet Pet Society, which has been a ‘pet project’ of mine to develop the world’s most sustainable pet food based on Second Chance Ingredients. Additionally, we are using our significant online capabilities to grow the group’s digital business across Europe. This is a really exciting time for me, for the team and Pooch & Mutt, and for the whole group.

“Pooch & Mutt’s growth since our first investment has been incredible,” said Petr Kriz, the VAFO Group board member responsible for M&A and strategy. “A lot of companies promise big things in investment pitches, but few deliver. Pooch & Mutt promised very big things and delivered far beyond them. The team have done an outstanding job, and they will be a huge asset to the group.”