VAFO Praha, a leading producer of petfood, is proud to announce the launch of new items in the Brit Veterinary Diet range, which is specially designed to cater to the unique dietary needs of dogs and cats. This comprehensive line includes both dry food and canned options to support the health and wellbeing of our furry companions. Our veterinary diets are the only grain-free diets in the industry, strengthening our position as a leader in pet nutrition innovation.

The Brit Veterinary Diet range is free of all common allergens such as beef, dairy, wheat, corn, and soy. Protein sources are carefully selected in order to comply with nutrition targets. The formulas are enriched with functional ingredients, including probiotics, bioactive vitamins, and substances rich in DHA and EPA, all of which support the nutritional and functional properties of the diets. The products are tested by veterinary clinics using a standardised method.

New formulas in Brit Veterinary Diet for cats:

    A low-fat diet for cats prone to obesity or those with lipid absorption disorder and/or triaditis.
    For weight control and good condition in neutered cats.
    Hypoallergenic diet with insect protein for cats with allergies or food intolerance.

New formulas in Brit Veterinary Diet for dogs:

    Complete dietetic food for dogs with lipid absorption disorder, protein-losing enteropathy, and pancreatitis.
  • ULTRA-HYPOALLERGENIC – Complete and balanced hypoallergenic dietetic dog food with insect protein for reduction of food intolerances.
  • STERILISED – For weight control and good condition in neutered dogs.
  • VEG HIGH-FIBRE – For the treatment of colitis and diarrhoea while maintaining optimal body weight and fitness.

The efficacy of these products has been rigorously tested in veterinary clinics using standardised methods. This ensures that every product in the Brit Veterinary Diet line meets the highest standards of quality and delivers on its promise of providing pets with optimal nutrition.

The wet and dry foods in the Brit Veterinary Diets range are only available from veterinary practices and should be used based on consultation with a vet. For more information about VAFO Praha and its products, please visit