For the third consecutive year, VAFO has chosen to spread goodwill by donating funds for the purchase of material Christmas gifts to war-torn Ukraine. Over half a million Czech crowns was sent in support of abandoned dogs and cats at 25 Ukrainian animal shelters located in areas heavily affected by the conflict, such as Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kherson, and Odessa. But the company has gone beyond providing financial aid alone; the shelters have received insulated doghouses, generators, and heaters for displaced animals.

“Helping abandoned pets is part of a broader strategy of sustainable and responsible enterprise. We firmly believe that everyone can contribute to positive change,” explains Tereza Alvarez Sone, Marketing Manager at VAFO Group. VAFO’s partner in this initiative, the Ukrainian organization U-Hearts, with whom they established cooperation two years ago, has fairly distributed aid to the places where it is most needed

Three years ago, VAFO decided to change its strategy of gift-giving to customers and partners. Material gifts were replaced with acts of kindness. Each year, representatives of the company and its partners select a charitable project in need of assistance. For instance, one year they donated funds to an animal shelter in the Polish town of Przyborówko, which is located near a Carry Pet Food factory belonging to VAFO Group. In 2019, the shelter was badly damaged by fire.