The German company Allco has introduced an all-new grain-free dog food based on sustainable sources of protein – trout and insect. In so doing, the brand aims to substantially promote alternative protein sources among dog lovers.

There are already several products containing insect protein on the pet food market, but the majority of them are targeted at hypoallergenic dogs. ‘Our goal, however, is to appeal to those who have other dogs, too,’ says Allco managing director Jörg Lefers.

Therefore the new food, which has already hit the shelves in specialized shops under the premium brand Christopherus, contains not only insect, which the company has been successfully using as an alternative source of protein in its fish foods, but also trout, a highly popular addition to pet foods with exceptional nutritional properties.

Since trout themselves feed on insects, Allco has succeeded in developing a combination that could win over consumers who are still hesitant on the idea of insects as a food. Jörg Lefers and his team have spent several years studying ways of incorporating alternative protein sources into pet foods while constantly monitoring the increase in global demand for pet foods made with alternative sources.