VAFO statement on Russia and Ukraine


Since May 2021, our company has cut all cooperation with Russia. We stopped importing our products to Russia and ended all production for this market well before the Russian aggression. Additionally, we have also ended cooperation also with Belarus. There is not even a license for any licensed production anywhere in these countries.

From the onset of this aggression against Ukraine, we have unequivocally condemned the actions taken by Russia. Our thoughts remain with everyone around the world who has family, friends, and loved ones affected by this conflict. We stand firmly with Ukraine and strongly denounce Russia’s aggression.

As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we have allocated a substantial portion of our budget to support those impacted by the war, particularly focusing on aiding abandoned animals in war-affected areas.

VAFO Key Initiatives in Support of Ukraine

Employee Family Support

  • We have facilitated the evacuation of our employees’ families from Ukraine and provided them with necessary support.
  • For our employees’ families, we have arranged accommodation and employment opportunities within VAFO to help them settle and integrate.
  • We have arranged childcare for our employees and their families.
  • We assisted in the integration of Ukrainian children into the Czech school system.

Abandoned Pets

  • Warm Paws & Hearts Initiative: In collaboration with the Ukrainian organization U-Hearts, we launched the Warm Paws & Hearts Christmas initiative. This project aims to provide warmth during winter for more than a thousand animals affected by the war.
  • We ensure regular, free pet food deliveries to Ukraine.

Support for VAFO Family

  • We have provided accommodation and office space for key clients from Ukraine and their employees, ensuring their safety and continuity of work.
  • We remain committed to supporting Ukraine and its people during these challenging times. Our actions are a testament to our values and our unwavering stance against aggression and war.