VAFO PRAHA has been an active supporter of local charity projects since its founding in 1994. Now, the leading European pet food producer is joining forces with a food bank. The nonprofit approached the company when they began seeing increased demand in the region for pet food, which has long been in short supply at food banks.

In November 2023, the VAFO Praha donated six pallets of dog and cat food to the food banks in České Budějovice, addressing a critical shortage. The company further supported this cause at the end of the year by adding three additional pallets.

“In 2023, we initiated food dispensing points for end clients and discovered that many owned pets but lacked pet food at our banks. We approached VAFO, a local producer, for assistance. Their swift and generous response, coupled with excellent collaboration, significantly aided our cause. Our clients are immensely grateful for the pet food, sometimes even more so than for their own food packages,” stated Ing. Kristýna Šural, Director of the Food Bank of the South Bohemia Region.

VAFO operates a total of five production facilities in the Czech Republic, four of which are located in South Bohemia, including the most modern pet food factory in Europe. That’s why the first batch of aid is being sent to the South Bohemian Region. The company has supported projects near its factories for several years now. For instance, the successful grant program in Chrášťany and Číčenice called VAFO SPOLUbydlíme is currently in its third year. To date, the program has provided over 5 million Czech crowns in support of public benefit activities in the area.

Collaboration with food banks is yet another step forward in VAFO’s responsible business practices. In the future, the company will develop the project further by establishing cooperation with other regional food banks.

The Food Bank of the South Bohemian Region, established in 2016, has been providing aid to the needy through partner organizations ever since. Its primary clients include seniors, disabled pensioners, single parents, and people in temporary need. Since last year, the organization has also set up food aid dispensers, enabling direct support to over 1,500 South Bohemians for the first time