PrimaCat, a cat food brand, is launching a special edition of “presidential cat food” to honor Milo and Nala, the feline companions of the recently inaugurated Finnish president, who took office on March 1, 2024. This exclusive batch will be available for purchase at several locations, including their new local store, K-Supermarket Munkki, in Finland.

The stylish packaging design draws inspiration from the Finnish coat of arms, with the lion being replaced by a domestic cat. “Animal-loving people have been following the outgoing president’s pets with interest. Now that power is changing hands, we want to honor the new sympathetic cat duo,” says Katri Kurki, PrimaCat’s Brand Manager.

Kurki reminds us that moving is not always easy for cats: “Cats are very particular about their territories, and the president’s move to a new residence will also affect the cats’ lives. We want to support the nation’s top cats in settling into their new territory because nutritious food is the foundation of a good life.”

Each package contains a total of twelve servings of PrimaCat’s beloved cat food. Echoing the future president’s famous three points, they contain plenty of meat, never any wheat, and no added sugar.