At the 21st annual ZOOMARK International trade show, VAFO will be presenting several its new sustainable products directly from the heart of Europe. Visitors of this prestigious event will thus have an opportunity to see the sustainable products of the Brit Care line, which use alternative sources of protein and fully recyclable packaging. The Christopherus line is introducing the very first vegetarian food to appear in the VAFO portfolio. Visitors to ZOOMARK 2023 will find all of this and much more in hall 30 at booth A50-55

VAFO, a leading European producer of superpremium pet foods and a pioneer in sustainability in the pet care industry, is bringing dozens of new products with it to this year’s ZOOMARK. For pet owners, an increasingly important aspect of products is sustainability, which is something that VAFO has been focusing on for several years now. Thus, the company will be presenting an entirely new line of Brit Care foods with innovative recipes. Special attention should be paid to the choice of ingredients, the vast majority of which come from local producers, with insect playing an important role as a sustainable source of protein. Insect farming is far friendlier to the environment than farming of conventional livestock, and it doesn’t burden the planet with greenhouse gases. The new Brit Care is also packed in innovative packaging made from recyclable materials that can be sorted together with other plastics, like PET bottles. The new recipe is also fortified with vitamins for even greater emphasis on pet health.

The new sustainable Brit Care recipe makes an excellent addition to other super-sustainable products in the VAFO portfolio, such as Hau-Hau Champion and Planet Pet Society, which is made using so-called second-chance ingredients.

For the first time in the history of VAFO, a vegetarian dog food will appear in the product portfolio. Under the traditional Christopherus brand, owners will be able to feed their four-legged friends a food that’s substantially friendlier to the environment yet still healthy and nutritious. There are also new items appearing in the highly popular Carnilove True Fresh product line, which contains fresh meat and is thus the clear choice for owners who want to give their pets the most natural, evolution-tested ingredients.

VAFO is pursuing sustainability not only in its new products but, in keeping with its sustainability strategy, also in its participation in the ZOOMARK trade fair. This means that you won’t find any printed promotional materials or visit cards at the VAFO booth again. In addition to the aforesaid new products, visitors to booth can enjoy delicious refreshments with a friendly vibe.