VAFO, a leading European producer of pet foods, is introducing a new and improved formula of its superpremium Brit Care, the most popular brand in the company’s portfolio. At present, Brit Care is sold in more than 85 countries around the world and, in addition to pet health, it places significant importance on environmentally responsible production practices. Special attention has been given to the selection of sustainable ingredients, climate-neutral processing, and packaging made from fully recyclable materials. VAFO is thus moving the popular brand closer to sustainability and pet owners, who can now help protect the environment by using pet food that is better for our planet.

Of all the products in the VAFO portfolio, Brit Care ranks among the most popular with consumers thanks to its remarkable characteristics, namely the use of hypoallergenic ingredients that ensure excellent tolerance, balanced nutrient intake, and proper immune system health, all of which align with the brand’s slogan “Prevention by Nutrition”. Moreover, VAFO is following the latest trends and implementing changes to lessen the impact of human activity on the planet.

Sustainable ingredients and insect protein

The new Brit Care Sustainable is made with the highest-quality ingredients, the majority of which are obtained from local sources, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting the ingredients, and it also gives the producer full control over quality. In addition to local ingredients, insect is another important component representing an alternative and sustainable source of protein as compared with conventional types of animal protein. Here VAFO is building on the immense popularity of Brit Care Hair & Skin, the first formula in the line to make use of insect as an alternative source of protein.

Insect farming is far friendlier to the planet than traditional farming of livestock for red meat, particularly because it doesn’t produce any methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. For example, farming one kilogram of insect protein requires only 2% of the land area and 4% of the water used in farming the same quantity of beef. By using sustainable ingredients, VAFO has succeeded in reducing the carbon footprint of the food by 35% compared with red meat formulas.

Recyclable packaging and modern manufacturing

Special emphasis is placed on the packaging materials left behind once all the food has been eaten. The materials used in the new Brit Care line are fully recyclable without any compromises to their functionality. Once the food has been eaten, the packaging can simply be disposed of in plastic recycling containers.

Production takes place in Southern Bohemia at one of the most modern pet food factories in Europe. The entire process has been engineered with maximum emphasis on energy efficiency and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, both of which are strategic goals of VAFO in its commitment to achieving manufacturing practices that are as climate neutral as possible. By 2025, the company aims to have 25% of its energy needs covered by sustainable sources, such as solar panels and biogas, and will also be recycling the water it uses in its operations. All of these steps will help move the company’s factories towards greater energy self-sufficiency.

Thanks to local and sustainable ingredients, modern packaging, and cutting-edge technologies, CO2 emissions from the production of Brit Care are being reduced to the absolute minimum, but that’s still not enough to ensure the full climate neutrality of the products. Therefore, VAFO offsets its remaining carbon footprint by collaborating with the organization MYCLIMATE on local and global projects dedicated to environmental restoration and protection.

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