At the end of March, the city of Orlando, Florida, hosted one of America’s largest B2B trade fairs in the pet food industry, GLOBAL PET EXPO 2022. The event was a special milestone for VAFO, since it marked our first appearance there as an exhibitor, and we presented the very best of our product portfolio. In doing so, we joined only a handful of European pet food producers to exhibit at the event.

Our “big trip across the pond” can be summed up in just three words: interesting, amazing, fantastic. We brought a smaller stand to the United States than the one we typically use at the European expos, but in no way did that slow us down. We met many of our existing clients and presented our products to new ones. The unbelievable diversity of countries, the interest in our products, and the enthusiasm of the visitors to our booth will resonate with us for a long time to come.

Because we could present only a limited selection from our portfolio, we made sure to choose products that are currently experiencing growth in the US market. We also confirmed that European trends, which we help shape, are similar to those on the other side of the Atlantic. For that reason, we feel we are in a very good position to respond to demand there and meet the needs of American customers.

Currently in the United Stated there is much interest in pet foods made with fresh meat, so it comes as no surprise that Carnilove True Fresh generated substantial attention. Also in the spotlight was our broad portfolio of snacks, which are produced entirely within our EU factories, giving us a considerable competitive advantage. Lately in Europe, considerable emphasis has been placed on sustainable pet food production, and this trend is slowly gaining ground in the United States as well. Therefore, at GLOBAL PET EXPO we also presented our flagship brand Brit Care, which comes in recyclable packaging and contains insect as an eco-friendly alternative source of protein. Last but not least, we also showcased our cool British brand Pooch&Mutt.

Our trip to the USA was a resounding success, but it has also presented us with new challenges moving forward. We have another important trade fair coming up soon, Interzoo Nuremberg 2022, which is taking place live for the first time in more than two years. Once again, the VAFO booth will be impossible to miss, and we are already looking forward to seeing all of our friends there.