Even though we tend to see them as our furry little friends, deep down inside, our pets are ferocious carnivores. And carnivores need meat. The new Carnilove pouches with pieces of wild meat in paté fordogs and the pouches with wild-meat fillets in gravy for cats are formulated to satisfy the instinctivelove of meat and take your four-legged buddies back into the wild. The hunt is on!

With the carnivores to track down prey

In the course of cohabitation with humans, dogs and cats adapted their diet to resemble that of theirkeepers and gradually moved away from foods that correspond to their predatory roots. Carnilovepouches bring back the natural diet of our beloved carnivores with an abundance of meat, herbs, andforest fruits. Now you can pull out a pouch bursting with wild-origin meat and indulge your furryfriends in a wild feast that’s precisely formulated to satisfy their tastes and natural feeding habits.

The new Carnilove pouches for dogs and pouches for cats contain 85% wild-origin meat enriched withmeadow and forest herbs and fruits. There are meat fillets in gravy to satisfy the cravings of the felinehunter, and whole pieces of meat in paté to tame the canine appetite. The pouches provide completenutrition and also make an excellent topper for granules or a delicious reward for good behaviour.What’s more, all of the ingredients are selected to benefit the overall health of the animal, which iswhy there are no grains and no potatoes.

It’s in the pouch

The Carnilove pouches for cats (85 g) come in seven varieties: duck with catnip, pheasant withraspberry leaves, quail with dandelion for sterilized cats, turkey with valerian root, wild boar withchamomile, trout with echinacea, and rabbit with marigold for kittens.For dogs, there are nine varieties in a 300-g pouch: buffalo with rose petals, carp with black carrot,duck with timothy grass, ostrich with blackberries, pheasant with raspberry leaves, quail with yellowcarrot, salmon with blueberries for puppies, venison with strawberry leaves, and wild boar with