Brit, the popular Czech pet food brand, is introducing a new line of functional snacks for dogs called Brit Dental Stick. Specially developed to care for your dog’s teeth, this functional complementary food is ideal for daily consumption. It also provides a number of important health benefits. Available in four different varieties with seven sticks in each package, the new product offers effective dental care for the whole month.

Up to 80% of older dogs suffer from active dental disease, which is typically the result of bacterial plaque, tartar, poor habits and diet, or inadequate dental hygiene. That’s why this new generation of dental sticks is double acting – they clean the teeth and freshen the breath while improving overall condition thanks to functional components.

The new Brit Dental Sticks are the latest addition to the brand’s ever-evolving portfolio of canine dental care products. The consistency of the sticks has been formulated to mechanically clean the teeth, with sodium hexametaphosphate (SHMP) fulfilling the function of toothpaste. Traditional dental herbs such as mint, salvia, and chamomile provide a natural cleansing action. Mint has antimicrobial properties and freshens the breath, salvia supports healthy gums, and chamomile has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Brit Dental Stick

  • Supports dental health thanks to herbal and mechanical cleansing
  • Natural ingredients and verified high palatability
  • SHMP acts in a similar manner to toothpaste
  • Herbs enhance secondary health functions – immunity and mobility support
  • No gluten – No soy – No GMOs – No colourants
  • Recyclable packaging
  • 4 varieties, 7 sticks per package – dental care for the whole month

Brit Dental Stick functional snacks come in packages of 7 pcs in the following varieties:

  • BRIT DENTAL STICK Teeth & Gums with Chamomile & Sage
  • BRIT DENTAL STICK Mobility with Curcuma & Collagen
  • BRIT DENTAL STICK Immuno with Probiotics & Cinnamon
  • BRIT DENTAL STICK Calm with Hemp & Motherwort