VAFO a leader in innovative pet nutrition, is excited to announce the launch of its latest product line, Brit Care Cat Soups. This new offering marks a significant expansion in our product portfolio, introducing a unique category specifically tailored for feline hydration and nutrition.

Our commitment to providing high-quality, innovative nutrition solutions for pets remains unwavering. With the introduction of Cat Soups, we are excited to offer a product that not only satisfies the taste buds but also contributes significantly to the health and happiness of cats.

Hydration is the key to feline health
Recognizing the importance of adequate water intake for cats, especially those who are picky eaters, we have developed these soups to address the often-overlooked aspect of hydration. Our soups significantly increase the water level in a cat’s body, supporting their urinary tract and overall health.

Various flavors for picky cats
Brit Care Cat Soups are not just about hydration. They are a culinary delight for cats. With a variety of flavors, these soups offer mental stimulation and encourage even the most selective eaters to indulge in their meals. The diversity in taste and texture provides a delightful experience, ensuring cats look forward to their meal times.

Nutrient-rich ingredients for optimal health
Our soups are crafted with the finest ingredients, each serving a purpose in promoting feline health.

  • Taurine: Essential for vision, digestion, heart muscle function, pregnancy, fetal development, and a strong immune system.
  • Catnip: Known for enhancing mental well-being and reducing anxiety, it provides peace and contentment.
  • Methionine: Helps regulate urine pH and serves as a preventive measure against urinary diseases.
  • Probiotics: Support gut health and boost overall immunity and mental well-being.