We make Food, Snacks and Supplements for Pets with Joy and Love, to provide the best Care


We’re a leading European producer of superpremium pet food, snacks, and supplements for dogs, cats and small animals. We operate nine wet food and dry food factories with total annual production exceeding 200,000 tons. The family-run company has subsidiaries in Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, and Great Britain. VAFO Group brands are produced for more than 85 countries around the world.

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Our values

We make food , snacks and supplements for pets with joy and love to provide the best care

Safe for pets, safe for the planet

We’re very well aware of how the pet food industry affects the environment. That’s why we’re committed to always run our business as sustainably as possible.

Stand against animal testing

No matter what we do, the first thing on our list of priorities is the wellbeing and health of pets. And it’s something we’ll never compromise on, since it is the cornerstone of everything we believe in.

If it’s not the best, it doesn’t go into our food

From the very beginning, we use only the best ingredients we can get our hands on. And after 28 years, we’ve become very good at finding them for you.

Pets are humans too

Love for pets is the first matter of business in any interview at VAFO. Every one of us does everything in their power to fight animal cruelty, abuse, and testing. As should the rest of the world.

A good place to work

Happy people make a successful company. We are and always will be family business rooted in fellowship, teamwork, and honesty.

Be the best partner in pet food business

We strive to be the best business partner in the industry in all aspects. Our clients = our family.

Committing to sustainability

Sustainability commitment 2025


Recyclable Packaging

We constantly look for ways to improve and upgrade our packaging to reduce waste and our CO2 pawprint and therefore we plan to use only recyclable packaging by 2025.


Low Emissions

We seek out and implement solutions that are gentle on the environment. We work with myclimate.org on a range projects to offset our CO2 emissions, and there is much more to it than simply planting trees.


Planet-Friendly Staff


Increase In Use Of Sustainable Ingredients

From the development of our recipes to the selection of ingredients, we consider the impact our products will have on the environment.


Renewable Energy Sources

Our ambition is to systematically reduce energy consumption at our factories while simultaneously increasing the use of green energy.


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We make food for pets with love to provide the best care