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Our technology

ALL-in-ONE sourcing partner

VAFO Group’s aim is to be an all-in-one partner for pet food sourcing. Therefore, we focus on covering the full range of pet food with our own production background. That means very fast application of the current trends and innovations and full control of the supply chain for our brands as well as for our private label partners. Our factories are new, modern, and precisely equipped. We focus on outstanding production skills and GMP principles, and we adhere to European food safety standards.


VAFO Group’s production background is based on more than 25 years of production skills as well as on top-quality modern technologies. Our factories are highly flexible and allow us to make any type of dry pet food, from standard to ultimate-quality products. In building a new factory, there is no compromise that could limit our future growth. We cooperate with the world’s top technology suppliers to achieve a balance of cutting-edge engineering, innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. We’re proud to be among the top innovative dry producers.


Factory I – Dry food, snack, Chrášťany, Prague Czechia

Factory II - Fresh meat, dry food, Číčenice, Czechia

Factory III - Dry food, Chelčice, Czechia

Factory VII - Dry food, snack Velký Ratmírov, Czechia


  • Thermal Twin, X185, X165 by Wenger, USA
  • Fresh meat preparation, including separate fresh meat kitchen
  • Advanced vacuum coater by Dinnissen

Raw material

  • All in fresh meat
  • All in dried meat
  • Variety of vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, and herbs
  • Bioavailable vitamins

Product features

  • Fresh meat up to 100%
  • Grain free
  • Cat food palatability winner
  • Single protein
  • Veterinary diets
  • Biotechnology


  • Flexible packaging from 300 g to 20 kg
  • Recyclable mono materials
  • Zipper, slider, side handle
  • Flat bottom


Our wet food production offers every type of meat can, sausage, and single serve pouch. We focus on top-quality meats and precise operation to ensure the flawless quality of the finished goods. Food safety controls and processes are implemented at all VAFO Group wet food plants.


Factory IV - Wet food, Chotoviny, Czechia

Factory V - Wet food, snack, Rakvere, Estonia

Source technology

  • Power Heater
  • ScanSteel

Raw material options

  • All in fresh or frozen meat
  • Variety of vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, and herbs
  • Vitamins and functional supplements

Product features

  • Our specialties are tuned can structures with visible pieces of organ meat or veggies inside.
  • All meat cans
  • Soft paté
  • Firmed paté
  • Monoprotein
  • Fillets in gravy / Fillets in jelly


  • Cans 200 g, 400 g, 800 g
  • Pouches 85 g, 260 g, 600 g
  • Sausages 800 g, 600 g, 200 g


VAFO snacks and treats encompass various product formats packed with flavour for ultimate canine enjoyment. All of them are made by us with our DNA, high meat base, and no artificial colourants or chemicals. Our factories are located in Europe and operated in compliance with European food safety standards. VAFO Group snacks offer excellent palatability (the best on the market, *SAW palatability trial 2019), and we’re a proud winner of the ‘Product of the Year’ title from Pets Worldwide.

Product of the Year 2019/2020

The winner of Product of the Year 2019/2020 is Vafo. PET worldwide readers voted to get the Vafo Group across the line first with its Brit functional snacks.


Factory VIII - Snack Carry Pet Food Sp. z o.o., Trzebielino, Poland

Factory I – Dry food, snack, Chrášťany, Prague Czechia

Factory V - Wet food, snack, Rakvere, Estonia

Factory VII - Dry food Velký Ratmírov, Czechia

Raw material options

  • All in dried meat
  • Variety of vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits, and herbs
  • Bioavailable vitamins
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Variety of Natural Extracts
  • Variety of Functional Ingredients
  • Variety of Natural Aromas


  • 50 g, 100 g, 150 g, 200 g
  • Multipacks, Doypack, Flowpack

Type of products

Meat Jerky

Meat Jerky is currently one of the top favourite snack formats. Our jerky is tasty and delightful and comes in a wide variety of flavours. And it’s always EU made.


Dental snacks are a new upcoming category at VAFO Group. There are not many dentals on the market combining mechanical and functional cleaning. VAFO treats are long lasting and tasty, but they’re also enriched with many natural functioning ingredients to ensure perfect cleaning and a great flavour experience.

Semi moist

Semi-moist snacks are the perfect training tool. The light, low-energy snacks can be easily carried in the pocket and used for all-round positive motivation. The wide variety of flavours, functional ingredients, and aromas creates a great base for any attractive snack range.


Crunchy snacks made by VAFO have exciting funny shapes, aroma, and flavour base. And they are made from meat in combination with fancy functionals and herbs. That creates an adorable background for any pet, including dogs, cats, and even small animals.

Rawhide chewbones

Rawhide is made in the EU from controlled sources. Our chews always contain high-quality hide and meat or fish filings. Our chews are 100% natural and free of dangerous chemicals. We provide a wide variety of beef, horse, fish, and deer hides. We have the only functional rawhide and chews on the market stuffed with herbs, functional ingredients, and even vitamins.


VAFO Group also offers a full range of health and BARF supplements. We provide them as tablets or natural mixes for BARF users.


Factory I – Dry food, snack, Chrášťany, Prague Czechia

Factory VI - Barf Ikaalinen, FI

Product features

  • flours
  • tablets
  • oils
  • aminosol
  • supplements for cats, dogs, horse


  • flours 100 g - 20 kg
  • tablets 30 g - 1000 g
  • oils 100 ml - 1000 ml
  • aminosol 30 ml - 1000 ml

Type of products