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Our team


The success of the company is made possible thanks to people who are not only experts in their various fields but, most importantly, are passionate animal lovers. Whatever the do, it has to be good for their four-legged companions, which makes it good for the four-legged companions of the rest of us, too.

VAFO Group Board of Directors

  • Pavel Bouška

    Pavel Bouška

    Chairman of the Board

  • Jakub Majer

    Jakub Majer

    Board member, CEO VAFO Praha

  • Karolína Čápová

    Karolína Čápová

    Board member, Head of Product VAFO Praha

  • Timo Pärssinen

    Timo Pärssinen

    Board member, CEO Prima Pet Premium

  • Petr Kříž

    Petr Kříž

    Board member, Head of M&A Vafo Praha

  • Ola Nyberg

    Ola Nyberg

    Board member, CEO VAFO Sverige AB

  • Jörg Lefers

    Jörg Lefers

    Board member, CEO Allco

  • Guy Blaskey

    Guy Blaskey

    Board member, Founder Pooch & Mutt

Vafo Group

  • Rosťa Němec

    Rosťa Němec

    Head of Technology

  • Milan Jeřábek

    Milan Jeřábek

    Supply Chain Director

  • Minh Dung Pham

    Minh Dung Pham

    M&A Manager

  • Tereza Alvarez Sone

    Tereza Alvarez Sone

    Marketing & PR Manager

Vafo Praha

  • Martin Šámal

    Martin Šámal

    Head of Marketing

  • Zlata Bilecová

    Zlata Bilecová

    Head of HR

  • Roman Neshyba

    Roman Neshyba

    Head of Finance

  • Zbyněk Šlosar

    Zbyněk Šlosar

    Head of IT

  • Milan Bartoš

    Milan Bartoš

    Head of Sales

  • Tomáš Němec

    Tomáš Němec

    Head of Production

  • Milan Brože

    Milan Brože

    Head of Logistics

Prima Pet Premium

  • Ola Nyberg

    Ola Nyberg

    CEO Prima PetPremium Sweden

  • Erki Vister

    Erki Vister

    CEO PandivereOU Estonia

  • Ville Rannos

    Ville Rannos

    Sales Director

  • Tanja Yrjölä

    Tanja Yrjölä

    Marketing Director

  • Anna-Liisa Koskelainen

    Anna-Liisa Koskelainen

    Finance Director

  • Jari Leikko

    Jari Leikko

    Sourcing & Logistics Director


  • Jörg Lefers

    Jörg Lefers

    CEO/Managing Director

  • Dieter Maaß

    Dieter Maaß


  • Carsten Weerts

    Carsten Weerts

    Head of Sales

  • Timo Koschnick

    Timo Koschnick

    Head of Marketing

Carry Pet

  • Robert Tchórzko

    Robert Tchórzko

    Managing Director

  • Barbara Czarnecka

    Barbara Czarnecka

    Production Manager

  • Weronika Luczak

    Weronika Luczak

    Quality Manager

  • Sabina Jankowska

    Sabina Jankowska

    Key Account Manager