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Sam's Field

Sam's Field

Holistic LIFETIME Nutriti

  • Holistic superpremium formulas for dogs and cats
  • Farm-quality select ingredients
  • Wide variety of veggies, fruits, and herbal blends for lifelong nutrition
  • Low-grain, NO-grain, NO-gluten varieties

Sam’s Field superpremium dog food is formulated to meet the specific nutritional requirements of dogs with respect for breed size, life stage, and changing dietary needs. Rich in fresh meat and animal proteins, fruit and vegetable extracts, and other functional ingredients, the unique composition promotes proper digestion and efficient use of nutrients. Grains, especially wheat, reduce the digestibility of dog food, meaning fewer nutrients are absorbed in the digestive tract. Sam’s Field gluten-free, grain-free, and lowgrain formulas are safe because they eliminate the risk of food intolerance and other adverse reactions to provide a lifetime of quality nutrition and good health.

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