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The right diet for every stage of life

  • Premium formulas for all categories of dogs and cats
  • Moderate protein and fat content for balanced muscle mass, bone
  • Only proven ingredients of the highest quality
  • Consciously selected and properly mixed nutrients
  • Fresh meat and wide range of proteins / Grain free with single animal source
  • Healthy diet up to advanced age

In addition to movement and a great deal of affection, healthy nutrition is the key to a carefree canine life. That’s why the founders of the company, Claus Lefers and his son Jörg Lefers, have always followed their motto: ‘Develop a diet that puts the real needs of animals first without any whats, ifs, or buts’. The important thing is that nutritional requirements change with the different stages of life. This means that young dogs have different daily nutritional needs than adult or mature dogs. In the Christopherus product range, we consciously choose each individual ingredient. Why? Because everything in the diet affects your dog’s health and vitality

Dry Food Wet Food All-Meat Cans and Delicate Sausages Snacks Natur, Gourmet, Keks, Soft Food Supplements BARF

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