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Healthy pets

  • Vitamins, microelements, and nutraceuticals with high bioavailability
  • Tender, tasty snacks enriched with a complex of active substances, herbs, and extracts
  • BARF supplements in natural form: dried herbs, plants, and oils for a holistic approach to animal health and supplements for BARF feeding

The Canvit food supplement series for healthy animals promotes health and prevents the most common problems our pets suffer. Typical animal diseases, especially lifestyle diseases, are the result of improper nutrition, weakened immunity in critical situations, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Using the Canvit product spectrum, we’re able to effectively prevent these diseases and promote good health. Prevention in the form of Canvit nutritional products is an effective way to ensure your pet enjoys a long and satisfying life.

Vitamin Supplements BARF supplements Functional Snacks

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