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We are helping fight the pandemic

Date of publication

05. 3. 2021

We are helping support the Search and Rescue Czech Republic team (SAR CZ), which has developed a unique method of detecting the ill with the help of specially trained dogs

In total, six dogs have been successfully trained, and they’re capable of detecting the presence of the virus in an ill person with 95% accuracy, which is higher than the other testing methods. Two other dogs are currently undergoing their final training phase as well. This method is not only fast and reliable but primarily non-invasive and cheap, which could radically ease the regular testing of at-risk individuals. This SAR CZ method of testing is founded on the use of specially trained dogs who use their sense of smell to detect a change in the signature scent of a person infected with COVID-19. Sampling for testing is quite easy and can be performed by anyone. The test subject applies the sampling material (a sterile compression) to the upper part of their torso, while also applying the compression to their mouth before breathing into it. By then smelling the tested material, the specially trained dog can determine whether the given person is positive or negative.

Thus far, we have supported this project by investing millions of Czech crowns for laboratory equipment, the completion of the study, and also food for the dogs in the team. Our support and cooperation, however, is far from over.


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