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15. 6. 2020

Brit Functional Snacks named Product of the Year 2019/2020 on the domestic and foreign stage.

Our Brit Functional Snacks have won the international Product of the Year award for 2019/2020 in the second annual edition of a competition organized by the magazine PET Worldwide for makers of pet products. Functional Snacks were also named the 2020 Consumer’s Choice New Product of the Year in Slovakia and the 2020 Consumer’s Choice New Product of the Year in the Czech Republic in the dog food category.  

The first award, Product of the Year 2019/2020, was awarded to Brit Functional Snacks by the readers of the magazine PET Worldwide, which features articles on new products and current events in the pet industry. The winner was decided by means of a three-month online survey, where members of the public from all over the world could vote on which of 20 new pet products they considered to be the most innovative.  

In the Czech Republic, some 160 new and innovated products in 51 categories competed for the title of Best New Product, with the winner chosen by 4,070 consumers. In Slovakia, there were 105 products in 32 categories competing for the top honour. The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 2,000 respondents with the goal of determining which product in each category consumers consider to be the best. As both surveys showed, the most important assessment criteria were flavour/function and product quality. Brit Functional Snacks won the New Product of the Year award in both competitions. In Slovakia, it was in the pet food category, and in the Czech Republic it was in the dog food category.


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